Saturday, March 15, 2014


8 x 10
acrylic on hardboard
I'm really working hard with trying different colors in my palate. I naturally would've painted the little girl's shirt a light brown, maybe a brownish yellow, or a calming blue.  Here you can see, I chose green. It went well with the scenery in which she sits. I'm taking baby steps. I'm also working hard at not modeling everything way too much.  I keep having to remind myself that, sometimes less is more.  I'm fascinated by artists that can show great detail and visual information with a few simple brushstrokes. "That takes great skill!" Here the little girl is sitting on the swing and fort set, which gave her great height, almost putting her above the fence line, which is where the sun was setting. This allowed me to create a fantastic halo around her hair. The swing's gone as of a few summers ago, when a tree remover miscalculated his angle and demolished it. One by one each kid stood at the window in disbelief wanting to know, what I was going to do about it. (This tree man had crushed all of their great memories along with that swing!)  Or so they acted.  Every kid in our family has had some great times on that swing and in the fort.  But really by the time it was crushed, they were all passed swings and had been for several years.  Sooo... what was I going to do about it? Needless to say we got a great discount on our tree removal that day.

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suzanneberry said...

Felicia, I just took the most delightful journey through your blog and am so inspired by your skills and ability to make any subject you paint magnetic and personal. Your still life crackles with sparks of light and dancing shadows. I can't help but wax poetic, your work just brings me such joy. I'm so proud to have two of your pieces in my collection and am looking forward to adding more. Paint on!