Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Inspired by Carol"

acrylic on hardboard
Carol is a great friend, we met in college and were roommates for the entire four years which was practically unheard of. We met the first day of check in at the dorm. I wasn't experienced enough to know that I should be terrified or at the least nervous about meeting the person that I had to get along with for the next year. Our dorm was the newest dorm on campus and literally the only thing I ever splurged on in collage. I was terrified of living in a communal or co-ed dorm. So there I was in Pantas Hall. I opened the door and met my new best friend Carol. We were both two fish out of water and with our easily going personality's could have both easily been gobbled up by this big city we now lived in but we weren't. After graduating we both returned home to be closer to family but Carol still remains a dear friend.
The quilt she is seated in front of was hand made by my grandmother whom was a seamstress. I always remember a box of fabric scraps she'd saved from various projects she'd sewn for her customers (friends and family). These fabric pieces would eventually work there way into one of her quilts. I guess you could say that just about everyone in her small community was represented in her quilts. I know she would have looked at the making of her quilts as a purely practical exercise and not sentimental at all. So I think it was appropriate to place Carol seated in front of one of my grandmother's hand made quilts constructed with a little piece of all of our family and friends. I guess I got all of the wistful sentimental emotions that my grandmother wasn't known for having.